» Cannatonic X

Cannatonic X is an award winning 20:1 CBD dominant pheno of Cannatonic. A reversal project is being done by @theheadbandofvinceneil. Originally pheno hunted by @terptitan, “I went through 1500 seeds to find the genotype of Cannatonic. It was finally found in 2011. Seeds originally sourced from Resin Seeds in Spain. The original lineage was said to be MK Ultra x G13 Haze but has since been corrected to Reina Madre x NYCD” -Terptitan


» Mother of God

Clone only selection produced from undesirable environmental factors (faulty AC unit) in the garden of @the_medical_mitten in 2011. 114 seeds were produced when a Grape God self preserved next to a Ken’s GDP. Environmental issues were fixed, seed testing started. During testing there were three main phenos. The medical mitten settled on the “green” pheno because it possessed all the traits we look for in a breeding mother cut: density, potency, yield, terps, and short flowering time (53-58 days). Reversal/feminization project is in the works to preserve this beauty for future use.


» Sour Lemonwreck OG

A hybrid of Sour Lemon OG from Emerald Triangle Seeds crossed with a Waikikiwreck male(Waikiki x timewreck). Initial cross performed by East Coast affiliate @papachrons. Very few seeds were produced. This strain has a solid THC value of 22.7% and well over 2% CBG which makes this an extremely relaxing, highly medicinal strain. This mother will be part of many breeding projects by the team at Radicle Genetics moving forward. Including a reversal/feminization project by @the_medical_mitten.


» Pink Gas

A hybrid of Herbenlegend (purple kush x ogre) x LeeRoy from Rare Dankness. Phenos take on extremely gassy and kushy terp profiles with a few resembling bubblegum. Very resinous, colors of purple, pink, and blue showcase their beauty often in this hybrid. Tests regularly in the 20+% THC range. Originally bred by @phattybmc, then taken to F2 by @ether_of_detroit. Project is in the works to create Pink Gas F3’s. Ether will also use his Holy Grail Kush(DNA Genetics) x Pink Gas and his Ogre x Pink Gas males for future endeavours.


» Gunslinger

A hybrid of Stardawg(Top Dawg Genetics) x Ghost OG from Garden of Dreams seeds. Male selected by @terptitan, will be used for future developments and testers. Select hybrids are in the test phase now, stay tuned.


» Foulmouth

FoulMouth is a hybrid of Dookies x Grandpa’s Breath originally bred by Dungeon Vault Genetics. Two select males will be used for future developments and testers. Pollination a will be executed by @terptitan and @the_medical_mitten.


» Garlic Diesel

A special project being supervised by @terphound using a Garlic Diesel male. Females used include: Forum GSC, OGKB, Sunshine 4, Bleating Goat (pollen nation elite genetics), and Ogre. Testing will start very soon on these so stay tuned.


» Glue Band

A spectacular hybrid bred by @phattybmc which consists of GG4 x ChemBand. ChemBand male used was selected from stock originally bred by Golden Coast Genetics. Phattybmc will be making selections to move this hybrid to F2 and beyond.


» Clementine

Selections are being made by @str8dankgenetics to bring the deliciousness of Clementine to many hybrids in the Radicle Genetics stable. Stay tuned.